Types of Treatment


This is the use of fragrant essential oils to improve and maintain health. The essential oils used are from plants. Each oil has a special effect on the body. Essential oils are diluted with carrier oils before application. A consultation is conducted before treatment to determine which oils will be most suitable for the individual. Aromatherapy is helpful for treating back and joint problems, skin disorders, insomnia, depression and stress related conditions.

Aromatherapy Massage:

Here we have a relaxing massage using essential oils chosen to suit the individual’s needs. Oils are readily absorbed into the skin and have a gentle physiological effect. The massage is smooth, calming and relaxing.

LaStone Therapy:

This is an amazing treatment using hot and cool stones to bring about a deep relaxing balance and harmony. Based on thermal and geothermal therapy and deep tissue manipulation, LaStone is a complete body workout and its overall benefits are long lasting.

Indian Head Massage:

The ancient Ayurveda method of massaging the back, neck and head. This technique helps to relieve neck and shoulder pain. It is also useful for treating migraine and relief of sinus pain, as well as helping with repetitive stress injuries.

Swedish Massage:

Deep physical massage helps circulation and removal of toxins. Offers relief from pain, boosts energy and relieves muscle tension. It is good as a sports massage as it reduces recovery time from muscle strain.

Raindrop Therapy:

Revolutionary aromatherapy technique which involves essential oils being dropped directly onto the back according to the French method of applying high quality therapeutic grade oils. Good for both acute and chronic pain relief.

Hopi Ear Candling (Thermo-Auricular Therapy):

This is a non-invasive treatment for ear, nose and throat conditions. It uses natural linen, cotton and chamomile essential oils to sooth and calm the ear. The client lies down on one side and the therapist gently inserts a candle in the ear. The candle burns down to a given mark and the ear canal receives a gentle massage balancing the pressure in the inner ear. The treatment in concluded with a facial massage. This treatment is recommended for headaches, migraines, excessive wax build up, congested sinuses and a reduction of ear pressure prior to flying or diving.


This treatment is carried out on the hands and feet. Applying pressure to reflex points to bring the body into balance.